Becoming my Best

Ok my beautiful friends, today we are going to chat about one of my favorite things... Personal Development! As much as I absolutely love it, I really kinda hate that term. It's just so overused and has become cliche'. I feel like most people hear it and internally roll their eyes a little because it's… Continue reading Becoming my Best


What if being a Mom isn’t all that there is?

This post is a little more specific than some of the others. And it's also a lot more personal. In fact, I can feel the knot rising in my throat as I think about putting these thoughts out into the world where anyone can read them. We all have parts of our life that we… Continue reading What if being a Mom isn’t all that there is?


What is A Purposeful Wife?

Eeeek!!!! I'm sooo pumped!!!! If you follow me at all on social media, you probably know that I have been hinting for awhile now about starting a blog and here is the official unveiling. This all came about after a difficult season in my life (which I will share more about as I feel God… Continue reading What is A Purposeful Wife?