Have you ever had a moment while worshipping the Lord, where you just couldn't hold back the tears? This is something I've experienced several times over the past year or two. As I have walked through some challenges and come through the other side, I can see how God's faithfulness was leading me through it.… Continue reading


Where Have I Been?

Did you think I forgot about you all? No worries. I haven't gone anywhere. But I have had quite a bit of change in my life lately. For those of you who know me well, you know I worked as a Realtor for 5 years prior to us opening Alpha Fitness. It was my passion… Continue reading Where Have I Been?


Becoming my Best

Ok my beautiful friends, today we are going to chat about one of my favorite things... Personal Development! As much as I absolutely love it, I really kinda hate that term. It's just so overused and has become cliche'. I feel like most people hear it and internally roll their eyes a little because it's… Continue reading Becoming my Best


What if being a Mom isn’t all that there is?

This post is a little more specific than some of the others. And it's also a lot more personal. In fact, I can feel the knot rising in my throat as I think about putting these thoughts out into the world where anyone can read them. We all have parts of our life that we… Continue reading What if being a Mom isn’t all that there is?

Christian, Joy, Mom

The Truth about being a MOM!

Friends, how many of you have had a moment in the past week where you felt frustrated with your current reality? I would venture to say that was every single one of us has felt that way at least once this past week. (Unless you spent the last week in paradise, at the beach or… Continue reading The Truth about being a MOM!