Stuck in Neutral

Earlier this year I walked through a season where I felt so lost. I didn’t know what my future was going to look like. There was a good chance it wasn’t going to look like I had planned. I felt uprooted, confused, and unsettled. I remember crying out to God so often, just trying to make sense of my emotions. Have you ever there? That place where you just feel stuck in your current circumstances, but so badly long to move past them. It can be a lonely place. A scary place. During the time I was going through this dark valley in my own life, I happened to be reading a book called Chase The Lion by Mark Batterson. This book is truly incredible, by the way. But for purposes of this topic, I want to focus on just one section that really stood out to me at this time in my life. In chapter 9, Mark talks about David and a specific time in his life that I related to so much. And I believe you will too. He is talking about the time that David spent hiding in the cave of Adullum, trying to escape the king who was searching for him. Think about it. David was already promised to be ruler, but he wasn’t able to live it out yet. He had to be so frustrated that he was not only waiting, but also hiding to save his own life. In the book, Mark writes: “Just as certain places have incredible historical significance, certain places have incredible personal significance … That’s what the cave of Adullam was for David. It was a dark place, a difficult time. But that’s where trust was tempered, where faith was forged. That’s where David discovered what it meant to give God the sacrifice of praise. … The cave of Adullum wasn’t where David wanted to be, but it’s where David needed to be for a season. … So count your blessings when you find yourself in the cave of Adullum. The holding pattern is an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to trust, and opportunity to prove your integrity.” Think about it in depth for a minute. David was anointed as the next King while he was still a child. He even faced Goliath and won. He probably had this expectation for how his life would look. And I’m sure that vision didn’t include hiding out in a cave trying not to be killed. He could have told God it wasn’t worth it. He could have given up. I don’t even know if I could blame him if he would have. But he didn’t. Because he knew that if God called him to this season there must be a reason. When is the last time we thanked God for those times of waiting? Do we even stop to see what God is trying to do in that season? What is it that we might need to grasp? I know, for me, looking back now on that season isn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be. Because I can see that God used it to shape me, to challenge me, to deepen my faith. I am a stronger person because of the time I spent in my own cave of Adullum. What about you? Are you currently going through a season like that in your own life? Or have you walked through something similar in the past? Did you let it shape you or did you let the walls of the cave make you hard and bitter? It is nearly impossible to walk through this life without going through at least a few of those cave of Adullum seasons. My prayer is that when you find yourself there, that place you didn’t expect to be, that you stand your ground and trust that God is still working on your behalf! Digging Deeper: 1) Have you personally gone through any “cave of Adullum” seasons? If so, what were you able to take away from it? Did you grow from that experience? 2) Do you ever sense that God has placed his dream on your heart? One that you know you should pursue, you just don’t know how.

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