What is A Purposeful Wife?

Eeeek!!!! I’m sooo pumped!!!! If you follow me at all on social media, you probably know that I have been hinting for awhile now about starting a blog and here is the official unveiling.

This all came about after a difficult season in my life (which I will share more about as I feel God leading). But through that season, God really put it on my heart to start a blog that would be a place for women to come and draw near to Him. And a place where women can learn to dive deeper into their purpose. I was really hesitant at first. I should know by now that when God calls me to something, I shouldn’t question it. But I did. I have so much on my plate already. In addition to being a wife and mother, my husband and I own a total of 5 businesses, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to also work as a caregiver for my grandfather who has dementia. And as if that’s not enough, we just moved 2 weeks ago. So I’m still living in a whirlwind of boxes and to-do lists around my house. Naturally, that’s the perfect time to add something else to my plate, right!? Apparently it is or God wouldn’t have called me to it. So I will be obedient and figure out the details as I go.

I called the blog “A Purposeful Wife” because of the journey my life has taken over these past few months. Through this journey I have learned that most of us are called to wear dozens of hats throughout our lives, each one demanding some of our time, energy, and mental capacity. And most of us spend our days juggling these hats, just hoping to make it to the end of the day without dropping them all. Wife. Mother. Employee. Boss. Sister. Friend. Daughter. Homemaker. Cook. And I’m sure you can think of at least a few others that apply to you. The only way to successfully juggle them all is when we learn to hand those hats over to the One who created them and let Him hand them back to us as He sees fit. That’s how we live each area of our lives with purpose. Being a wife is just one of those hats, and for some of you, it may not even apply. But that doesn’t mean this blog won’t be applicable for you. It’s not a site specifically about marriage, but about becoming a woman of purpose.

Marriage is a huge part of my personal story, because for so long I allowed my marriage to just survive. I went through the motions as a wife and while we looked like that ultimate love story to the outside world, (Happily Married. High school sweethearts. Successful entrepreneurs.) the reality was very different. I realized that while there are always multiple causes to the decline of a marriage, I had to take responsibility for my own daily choices that led us to this place. I had lost myself. I wasn’t being a woman that sought out my purpose. And I was letting the circumstances of my life tell me what my next step was instead of allowing God to show me how to use those circumstances for His glory. And because I was living so blindly, it took quite a challenging time in my life for God to get my attention. This blog is a result of everything God has done in my life through that time of trial.

My heart longs for each of us (myself included) to grow in our knowledge of Christ and to fill ourselves with more of Him today than we did yesterday.

At the end of each post, I will have a “Digging Deeper” section. I will ask a few questions to challenge you and get you thinking about your own life. I would love to get your feedback in the comments if you are comfortable. Or you can always email me at info@apurposefulwife.org .

1) What areas of your life lack clear direction right now? Have you sought God’s guidance in these areas?

2) Are there areas of your life that feel unfulfilled or that lack purpose? How has this affected your relationships?

3) What are three topics that you would like to see a future blog post written about?

2 thoughts on “What is A Purposeful Wife?”

  1. My relationship with God lacks every direction possible. I believe in God, go to church every Sunday during the school year, but rarely ever in the summer I would like to know God better and for my family to know him better as well.

    AS a person I feel unfulfilled because I feel as I have no life outside of MOTHER & WIFE. I rarely go out with friends, only real friend I do hang out with regularly is my aunt aka MY OTHER MOTHER and she’s moving away middle of next month.

    Being a better person as a whole, whether it me wife, mother, etc. How to get closer to God in day to day activity.


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